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Because. Um. I don't have a good excuse for this other than that I'd like to be able to update it from school, which is hard when it's thru AOLPress. kthxbai.

Same as on the webpage: asterisks* = in progress (or simply started), italics = finished, and bold = currently in priority.
Actually, I should probably add strikeout = unfinished, more or less abandoned, but still on the list to hold a narrative place (in a series or what have you).

No, this does not include my random 15 Minute Ficlets (especially the SHU ones) or 17 Seconds. Mainly because I have no idea where the hell I'd put them.

Last updated: 5/6/04 (I finally figured out the concept of changing the date of the actual post when I update, to move it on the page...ha ha, go me)

At some point I'm going to reorder this so that it is no longer in half-assed order from oldest to newest, and is in a more general priority order. Really. I'm also due for another spring cleaning, so that'll be exciting, seeing as how I haven't touched most of these stories in years.

In lieu of that cleaning, I'm currently going strikeout-happy, for everything that is mentally off the list, and yet I cling to for one reason or another.


Walker and Kristen's Series
Looks Are Deceiving*; It Runs In The Family*; Perchance To Dream*; A Bite of the Big Apple*; The Fragile*; Family Affair*; Witch Hunt*; Did You Hear?*

Newsie High: Lily's Chapters
Untitled; Revenge of the Weirds*

Crossdressing Soldier Sailor Cowboy*; Turn O' Da Century*; Musical Chairs*; Strange Discrepancies; Ricochet Moon*; ASCOFic (a.k.a. Stripper!Newsies)*; Untitled Broadway Fic*

Sailor Moon

The GalaSenshi Series
A Battle More Painful*; Chameleon*; The Power To Be Afraid*; Whispered Lullabies*; Living Under Glass*

The Second Chance Collection
Devil Without a Cause; Storybook*

Raspberry Swirl*; Imaginary Gardens*; Crossdressing Soldier Sailor Cowboy*; Musical Chairs*; The Great Below*; Anything She Needs

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel

Falling Stars
Turning Up In Black and Blue; Somebody Else's Sky*; The Edge of Forever*

Perchance To Dream*; A Bite of the Big Apple; Did You Hear?*; Crossdressing Soldier Sailor Cowboy*; Musical Chairs*; Powertrip; Third Eye Landslide*; Crosswired*

Into the Ground; Earning My Wings; After Image*; Tomorrow For Tomorrow*


The Soap Opera
Bachelor Party; Original Timeline Sequel*; The Pseudo-Sequel (a.k.a. The Sequel That's Not Really a Sequel); The Quasi-Sequel*; Strange Bedfellows* (a.k.a. Tops); Habit*; Similarity; The Very Worst Part of You; The Moment of Truth*

The Stable
Fushigi Umaya*; The Stable Horror Show*; No Need For Hunter!; Bedeviled

All The World's A Stage
Into the Darkness*; Just A Dream*

Echoes of Angels
Divine Thing; Flesh and Bone; A Candle For The Sinners

Words Like Violence
Distortion; Casualty; Can't Cry Anymore; I Can See Clearly*; In Common

Musical Chairs*; Powertrip; Third Eye Landslide*

Sunshower*; Confessions of a Muse; Turned to Quake*; A Kind of Magic*; Wedding Fic!*; Far From Strangers*; The World Goes Round*; Bittersweet Symphony; Pennies For Sale; Lions, Tigers, and Bears*; Top Secret Crossover Fic; Sparkle and Fade*; Triptych*; Playing Nice*; A WWF Christmas Carol; Total Eclipse*; Coming Home*; Untitled Wackass Fic*; Center of Attention; Amy Dumas, Fic Goddess*; USSSF; Theme Song Suite; Sympathetic Character; As Low As You Go; How To Disappear Completely; Unexpected Song; All I Need of Hell; Almost To The Ground; All The Wrong Places* (Mafia!fic); Fractured Fairytale*; Self-Made Millionaires; The Deal; Becoming; Greenwich, 06830


Just Another Crack-Induced Collection
Reaching; Watching; Mirror, Mirror; Hero Worship; Smashed

Staredown; Pretty Little Things*; Babe In The Woods*; Answers


Preaching The End of the World; Stained Glass*; The Straight Answer; Distant Voices*; Crosswired*; A Perfectly Common Anomaly* (x/o); Talitha Cumi*

Harry Potter

You May Be Right*; Harry Potter and the Ocarina of Time*; Crosswired*; Words Without Meaning*; House Loyalty*

SHU Stories

The Making of a SuperTeam*; A World of Hearts and Flowers*; Touched By A Leprechaun*; Sunshine In a Bag*; All In The Family*; Deja Vu All Over Again; The Art of Supervillainy*; Moose In The House*; A Very SHUy Christmas*; Til Death Do Us Part; City of Brotherly Love*; Tabula Rasa*

Inspiration Cafe

225 Makes a Petition; Random Stupidity; The Skill-Sharing Session*; Always A Catch; Water, Water Everywhere...*; Hobbies; Play-By-Play; All The Right Reasons*; Footnotes; Tournament of Champions*; Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum*; Holding Out For A Hero; Tipping One's Hand*; Snapshot*; Revenge of Camp Muse*; The Really Bad Musical*; Counterstrike; Race For Your Life, InspCafe*

And, fitting in exactly nowhere else...

(Including fics and/or series that contain more than one of the main fandoms, but aren't crossovers exactly, series/anthologies where different parts fit into different fandoms, and several miscellaneous fandoms)

Into A Fading Light*; Rock-N-Roll High School ... The Ceremony of Innocence*; All But Faded; Shakeup*; All The Way Up To Heaven*; Of Afros and Archery*; A Long Road Back*; Stranger Than Fiction; Catching Up; Redefine; Body Parts*; The Exclusive

The Crack Universe
Another Sunny Honeymoon*; Breaking the Habit; A Simple Favor; Four Corners*; Grade-A Schmoopyness; Odd Woman Out; Glass Houses*; New Horizons*

To The Dearly Departed
Heroes; Father Figure*; Oblivion*; Sacrifice; Purified; Valid; Malfunction; Astronomy*; Coffee Break*; Smitten; Resolved*; Lioness; Emotion; Frozen; Nobility; Victory; Out to Lunch; Salvation*; Anticipation; Decent; Imagination; Innocent; Artificial; Tragicomedy*; Eurydice; Return Visit; Roman Candle*; Angel; Guidelines; Seduced; Revolution; Pessimist; Memory; Contender; Cannon Fodder; Remorse; Adventure; Mistaken



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