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I almost forgot I did this.

AKoMverse, about halfway through...slightly spoilery, but not as much as the stuff I *usually* write in the AKoMverse.

Lily stops going to class, one day. She thinks about making it official, going to an office and telling them, "I just had a death in the family," only she's afraid that they'll check, and tell her that she has no family.

Not that that's what they'll *say*, exactly. But that's what they'll mean.

When she *was* going, in those first few weeks that she returned, she wasn't listening. She was doodling on empty notebook pages, staring out windows, and thinking of places to run to.

She tried not to doze off, though. The one time that happened, she awoke to an echoing crash inside her head, and only managed to control her screaming after thirty seconds and one ferociously disrupted lesson.

The idea seems foreign to Chris, with all his ambition and drive, who has other people take color-coded notes whenever he is forced into a sick day.

"I know it hurts," he murmurs one night. "I really do understand that. But you can't let it just stop your life like this."

She stares blankly up at the ceiling, presses closer to him, and thinks that, no, he really *doesn't* understand. That you have to have tracks before you can stop in them. You have to have plans before you can leave them incomplete.

But then, you also have to have somewhere to go before you can leave it all behind.


(The word was incomplete.)
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