Jun. 19th, 2004 01:02 am
[personal profile] lilychick
So, as you may have heard, I'm thinking of *not* killing Christian off, which was one of the first, defining plot twists of the entire series structure, and thus impacted several of the plots that followed.

Mainly because the trouble he can cause *alive* is starting to intrigue me more -- in my writer's log, I think I referred to it as him "living to fuck up another day".

I'm still working out what this would do to TD, TF, 1014, VS, and 3S's plots, as they are, in general, the ones most dependent on said plot twist. For the most part, I've found ways that they can stay on essentially the same trajectories, which is why I'm giving this idea this much thought to begin with.

However, even if I decide to make this change, I'm not going to alter the fics that are already posted here, or for that matter, the ones that are already written (but I've been too lazy to type up). I guess from this point on I'll just note, when I post something, which version of the 'verse it's in.

In other news, I have a G/C/E ficlet that I intend to type up, except I just remembered that it makes more sense if I type up the G/C 17 Seconds fic, and in turn, this caused me to remember that 17 Seconds even exists. So I ought to get around to catching up on that.

Also, thus far sticking to my guns about not writing teacher!fic that does not include or otherwise directly affect a student, I am admirably resisting Browne/Graves slash.
Despite the fact that the two of them are the entire reason I even *have* a faculty in my head.
We'll see how long this lasts.
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