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I kept forgetting to do this. This isn't everybody (partly because I'm still missing a couple of characters, partly because I don't know the names of a few of the bands yet).

Perpetually subject-to-change, as I shuffle people around and add new characters.

So, here is your official half-assed guide to the Seabury bands.

The bands are listed with their "main" members, and any band members in parentheses who spend some time with the band but are fill-ins, replacements, and/or predecessors of the usual members.

Un = unknown or undecided character.

The Distant: Andy, Mike, Adam, Zach, Terry (Ian)
Tragic Flaw: Christian, Al, Kirk, Eric
1014: Eric, Neil, Al (Craig), Ty
3rd Estate: Jeff, Aaron, Dahlia (Sophie), Jack (Matt)
Double Barrel: Jake, Troy, Shane (Nick), Josh (Clyde)
Bone Marrow: Nick, Casey, Jesse, Matt
Violet Storm: Kat, Lucas, Sophie, Sean
Echo Turnabout: Dean, Edward, James, Scott
Rutabega: Brady, Phil, Evan (un), Max (Jack)
Little Blue Pill: Theo, Evan, (Phil), un
Devil May Care: Vanessa, Sabs, Jackie, Tabitha
Men of Leisure: Dan, Ryan, Dennis, Sam
Krushd: Frank, Vic, Max (and numerous uns)

Music "collectives", not quite bands:
Extracurricular: Brendan, Evan, Elliot, Tim, Sean (also, Andy, Mike, Paul, Brady, Phil, Shane, Sophie, Tabs, Johnny, Craig, and Mark, at one point or another.)
Suicide Pact: Damian, Kevin, Asa, Jeff (and Sabrina)
Pre-Fab: Allison, Randall, Sandy, Rosalyn, Cory

Still unnamed bands:
Johnny, Cassie
Kyle, Derek, Ken
Will, Rick, Tommy, Steve
Patrick, Justin, Keith



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