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Okay, I should probably explain this. Last year, when I did the hot/cold challenge (which officially started the RNRHS series), I wound up not typing up the results, which were disjointed and odd.

In the interest of further explaining this, the "hot" section was Andy and Tyler's first meeting in junior year (which I've since decided doesn't exactly work timeline-wise, so I have to move it, but the contents are more or less the same), and the "cold" section was Andy and Eric's first visit to Harper's Bluff after Christian's death, in sophomore year.

Anyway, this is a bit more expansion on the "cold" half of that missing ficlet, which I will probably post if I get around to throwing all those random canon-tidbits on here that I said I would.
(No, I don't know why it's written in present tense either.)

Also, a lot of what they're talking about refers to Christian's letter, which I haven't decided if I'm going to post (at any point). The gist is obvious, though.

"Of all the people," Eric says, still standing behind him, "I didn't think I'd end up coming here with *you*."

Andrew feels an irrational flare of anger. "Well, who then? Kirk? Good luck finding *him*. Or *Kat*?"

Eric is unimpressed. "I don't know. Neil, maybe -- or Al. Yeah, that's it, *Al*. He was a *part* of this." He doesn't need to say what "this" is.

Andy rolls his eyes. "Oh, yeah, your *band*. That's right, how could I forget the one fucking thing that Christian cared about. The *band*. Not the people in it --" He can hear Eric suck in a deep breath, but he doesn't move. "-- but his *music*, which he loved so much that he just had to stop making it."

After the pause, in the silence broken by the howling wind, Andrew is surprised to hear Eric laugh. "Oh," he replies in a gasp, "and don't forget his *legacy*. Like he ever did anything that *meant* something --"

"Like he was Hendrix."



"Cobain." Eric stops talking abruptly; Andy chances a look back, to see him staring over the edge in something like disbelief. "Yeah, maybe a little too much of the last one. It rhymes, it's *gotta* be fate. Chris, you fucking idiot."

Andrew waits. Their angry mockery floats into the air, disappears faster than it had come...but, he thinks, it felt *good* while it lasted. Quietly, he says, "Somehow...*everything* he did meant something to me."

Eric lets out something that echoes so greatly that Andy is never really sure that it's a sob. "Yeah. Me too."

He takes a step, and another, until he finally pulls up next to Andy. Eric's face, which had sometimes appeared to have a smile permanently etched in, is now so drawn that, at the moment, it's hard to imagine that he'll ever really smile again.

Andrew knows much better than to say never, and suspects that Eric does too, and hates that realizing this doesn't change the way they feel. He wonders if this is how it was for Christian, if *knowing* that things had to get better just didn't change anything.

"I guess that's why it's you," Eric says, glancing at him. "Maybe it had to be."

Andy sticks his hands deep in his pockets, and they're still cold. "I was jealous of you, you know."

Eric blinks in surprise. "I was jealous of *you*."

"You were one of his best friends. After...the fight...he wouldn't even *talk* to me."

"Yeah, but you got to..." Eric sighs. "Forget it."


"I never got *inside*, you know?" He kicks a rock; it bounces off the newly-erected rail before rolling off the cliff. "I saw him all the time, sure, but I never had a clue about what was going on. What made him tick. You know?"

/"The truth changes, all the time...don't you get it? This is what it's always going to be like."/

"Yeah." Andy shakes his head. "I've gotta say, though, Eric...I don't think anybody knew that. Not even Christian."
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