So. Many. Characters.

I keep telling myself, I'm not getting into the families, and I'm not getting into the faculty, and now I've found myself wrapped up in *both* -- my new favorite character (who I've now written about twice in two days) is Sabrina's uncle/guardian, who is, incidentally, the headmaster of Amos Conservatory.

He just needs a new first name, that's all.

Annnnnnyhow. What originally inspired me to bring up the characters is that I'm thinking of doing their intros in quick-interview form. Except that sounds like a lot of work. But it would probably be more memorable than the "this is who this is" method.

Also, there are two RNRHS ficlets so far in 17 Seconds, but I haven't typed either of them yet. They'll go here when I get to it.

I was going to type up the Cookie Ficlet but I'm not in the mood. Oh well.
But, here's a status post. Sort of. Sorry about that.

I thought this would be the best place to explain my latest project, currently known as 17 Seconds -- inspired by [ profile] ficbymarks's Come Together series, except...different.
In the project I'm doing, the idea is that I am randomly assigned 17 Smashing Pumpkins song titles, and then have to write stories to go with them. Ideally this was going to be one a day (which is why 33 initially sounded more plausible than it does now), but now it is instead less than 5 sittings, or until I totally lose my train of thought and run out of things to say.

I haven't typed them up yet, but this will be the index post, so that you can find all of them once I do. As I type them up, I'll link them. Woo!

#1: Muzzle (SHU drabblet, which goes nowhere and halts completely without warning, but I was warming up.)
#2: Blew Away (RNRHS. Cory/Rosalyn. Subtext? What subtext?)
#3: In The Arms of Sleep (Sunshower-verse. MAJOR SPOILERS OMG. A little missing scene between Parts 19 and 20.)
#4: ...Said Sadly (InspCaf. Still more Timmy. There can never be enough Timmy.)
#5: Behold! The Nightmare (A Kind of Magic-verse. MORE MAJOR SPOILERS. Sort of an epilogue, sort of the ending to the story. I'm not entirely sure which yet.)
#6: We Only Come Out At Night (RNRHS. Subtexty AD/FC, FC/VR, AD/KM/DB, KM/JW and why does this fic have so many potential pairings anyway?)
#7: Here's To The Atom Bomb (Turned To Quake-verse. L/C. Sorta. In progress.)
#8: Marquis In Spades (RNRHS. Mostly Jeff/Jess/Nick triangulation, plus JW/KL, JR/JTM, NG/CT and NG/JH because OMG THIS ARC IS TOO COMPLICATED.)
#9: Geek U.S.A. (RNRHS. Wright/Greg/Emily.)
#10: Appels + Oranjes (Galaverse. Yes, I have issues. Rubi/Seiya. I accidentally wrote a new one with a different topic... RNRHS. Andy/Brendan-ish.)
#11: Spaceboy (Gratuitous Matt POV. Sans ficverse. I am not entirely sure it's going anywhere.)
So after I spent a couple of days going, "But...but...that doesn't make any *sense*!", I spent the *next* couple of days letting *this* out, and it makes a little more sense now.

Or we're both in denial. I'm not sure which.

More of the (still-not-quite-canon) Future Fic, specifically following up on the FuFic snippet at the end of that thing.

where Mike tries to explain. kind of. )

(V: So, wait...
me [coldly]: WHAT.
me: I hate you.
M: Meeeee too.)
Have I mentioned lately that I hate it when characters run away from me? Because I do.

Anyway. This is not definitively canon. Well, okay, maybe it is, because the first two drabblets are set in an actual canon time (sophomore year) while the third isn't until the college-set Future Fic, and as of right now the Future Fic isn't canon anyway.

Goddammit, now this is going to color the way I look at everything that I've already written with them in it. I hate that.

....On with it.

It's too dark for even a single star )

To counteract this, here is a completely contextless fluff drabblet from the third/fourth years.

If only this had anything, you know, before or after it. )
This was supposed to be a 15 Minute Fic, except for the fact that I wound up misplacing it and finishing it several months later.

FYI, I actually wrote most of this by candlelight during last August's blackout. Heh. That, as you may be able to tell, is when the story takes place.

'And power will be restored slowly...' )
It's...*sort* of character-definition. Kind of.

Still in progress and whatnot. Cause, you know, there's a lot of characters.

Seabury is attacked by the Color Quiz! )

I'm thinking of changing it so that the characters are all *linked* to their color instead of having all those tables all over the place...but then you don't get to see all the perty colllllors. So I'm conflicted. :-)
...Nothing new, unfortunately.

First off, I've linked the two that were already posted in my other journal, so they're listed under memories now.

Now, I have to move over the ones that were on The Realm. These would be in two separate posts, but, frankly, I'm lazy after moving the entire Realm.

the cave piclet (AL/BM) )

To Everyone (JR/NG, sorta) )
So, I guess a good place to start would be the About post, which I never got around to putting on the other blog. Heh.

About RNRHS... )

And, copied over from the short-lived Seabury Blog, here is the current roll list for The Seabury Schools. When I'm done with it, I'll probably edit this to add in the descriptive version, or I'll replace this "official" looking one with that informative one.

(As always, characters are subject to switch from school to school, because I'm fickle and haven't finalized some of them yet, especially the later year students. (*grin*))

Mouseketeer Roll Call! )
[Moving over everything from the CJB site before Geocities comes down.
This needs an edit SO BADLY...]

A World of Hearts and Flowers

When Lily thought about it after the fact, she realized that she probably could have guessed it wouldn't be a good month when the headquarters exploded. )
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