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Created on 2017-02-04 16:52:34 (#2790331), last updated 2017-05-01 (20 weeks ago)

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That's right, kids, The Realm is moving to Livejournal.

Naturally, many of the entries will be friends-locked, so comment to see if I'll hook you up.

You may also return to my regularly scheduled rambling at lilychick, or you can visit the RNRHS-specific writing journal at seabury.

Also, because I don't have a tag cloud on this LJ -- here is your quicklink to the tags page. :-)

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#96 from minneapolis, 33/34, [allcaps] avocado [/allcaps], [allcaps] magic! [/allcaps], bananas are good, bat the bunny around, best of queen tape, biennial crackfest, big american party!, billy's love child, bing-bing-bang-bang-popcorn!, bliss of another kind, blond canadian love triangle, candy cane children, chick-chick-chickeeen!, crazy fictional athletes, crisis make-up, dance whore, demonic tomato, desert bouncy castle, distractingly sexy agitators, doccrush!, embraced like a brother, evil hand, fancy new beesly, fast eddie!, fifty fingers martian child, flushing meadow park?, flying kites at night, fruity oaty bars, future dwight, have a burgeriffic day, he's a duck!, hot indie boys, i wear the cheese, i'm bringing the cow, i-wonder-what's-for-dinner, idk my bff paulie?, impersonating a cleric, invisible spaceship, it's a happy dance, it's all beautiful, it's all right (ted-says-so), it-*is*-a-bit-much, jake's bedroom, juice it down, lemon chancy, like a monkey, like oedipus with blood-drinking, lol tongue, look at this pimp!, lucky number six, magical slingshot, making-out-at-press-conferences, mark with a c, mb:closet is my antidrug, mike+skechers = *revolution*, mohinder's plothole superpower, not my tinky winky!, oi oi oi!, owned 7-1, piledrivers at sadie's, ping-pong percussion, po-ta-toes, psychic love notes, rock this bitch!, say-rock-come-on-y'all, shamelessly fanon draco, shut up ellie, so long dental plan!, srs game, stalker in the garden, suit up!, teenage criminal masterminds, the cigar of mystery, the cliffs of insanity, the fifth bar, the-insanely-expensive-jeritron-5000, the-mylar-family-happy-hour, thrilling heroics, tom's crying again, too-busy-fucking-his-drummer, turkey-in-the-lighting-grid, wacky inappropriate petrellis, which-way-did-he-go?, wikipedia that shit!, wilson on speeeeed, zelda = everyone, zinfandel @ the ntc
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