Because. Um. I don't have a good excuse for this other than that I'd like to be able to update it from school, which is hard when it's thru AOLPress. kthxbai.

The Super-Queue )
But, here's a status post. Sort of. Sorry about that.

I thought this would be the best place to explain my latest project, currently known as 17 Seconds -- inspired by [ profile] ficbymarks's Come Together series, except...different.
In the project I'm doing, the idea is that I am randomly assigned 17 Smashing Pumpkins song titles, and then have to write stories to go with them. Ideally this was going to be one a day (which is why 33 initially sounded more plausible than it does now), but now it is instead less than 5 sittings, or until I totally lose my train of thought and run out of things to say.

I haven't typed them up yet, but this will be the index post, so that you can find all of them once I do. As I type them up, I'll link them. Woo!

#1: Muzzle (SHU drabblet, which goes nowhere and halts completely without warning, but I was warming up.)
#2: Blew Away (RNRHS. Cory/Rosalyn. Subtext? What subtext?)
#3: In The Arms of Sleep (Sunshower-verse. MAJOR SPOILERS OMG. A little missing scene between Parts 19 and 20.)
#4: ...Said Sadly (InspCaf. Still more Timmy. There can never be enough Timmy.)
#5: Behold! The Nightmare (A Kind of Magic-verse. MORE MAJOR SPOILERS. Sort of an epilogue, sort of the ending to the story. I'm not entirely sure which yet.)
#6: We Only Come Out At Night (RNRHS. Subtexty AD/FC, FC/VR, AD/KM/DB, KM/JW and why does this fic have so many potential pairings anyway?)
#7: Here's To The Atom Bomb (Turned To Quake-verse. L/C. Sorta. In progress.)
#8: Marquis In Spades (RNRHS. Mostly Jeff/Jess/Nick triangulation, plus JW/KL, JR/JTM, NG/CT and NG/JH because OMG THIS ARC IS TOO COMPLICATED.)
#9: Geek U.S.A. (RNRHS. Wright/Greg/Emily.)
#10: Appels + Oranjes (Galaverse. Yes, I have issues. Rubi/Seiya. I accidentally wrote a new one with a different topic... RNRHS. Andy/Brendan-ish.)
#11: Spaceboy (Gratuitous Matt POV. Sans ficverse. I am not entirely sure it's going anywhere.)
So I was trying to talk before, then I accidentally opened up a new webpage in the window that had my half-finished post in it. Yay. Fun.

Not that I had anything to say, really. Not that anyone's *reading* it, more importantly. Heh. But I'm sure some of my thoughts'll come back to me....maybe....possibly...

Well, anyway. School sucks. Yes indeedy. Since I started school, my fic has turned into a regular garbage dump. Absolutely *nothing* worth reading. I *do* have a couple of spiffy new muses, but that doesn't do me any good unless they inspire me some spiffy new fics. (*glares pointedly at the T&G hiding in the corner* *they grin impishly and go back to playing Oh Little Playmate* *Lil momentarily wonders why the hell they're doing that and decides it's not worth the effort*)

Even the Unholy Trio's no help lately, because 3EL is stuck on a Lily part. So I say feh. Feh on the lot of you, muses! (*shakes fist in the air dramatically*)

Er, anyway. The Josh pic on the board *is* making me wanna write a good ol' fashioned CrackUni fic, though...heh heh heh.... (*clears throat*) I don't have a new idea for one, though. Which maybe has something to do with the fact that I haven't finished any of the others, but you know. Whatever. at any rate, um, I'm gonna go read some of my ever-mounting Hotmail until the MP3 I'm DLing finishes. Ciao.



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