[I don't know why I felt like these two needed to be separate. Probably because they're directly related to each other.]

still more L/L angst )

um...ditto )
[Moving over everything from the CJB site before Geocities comes down.
It seemed like a waste to put all of these in separate posts, so I'm going to see if I can throw them all together, even though this'll totally mess up the nice order I had them in on the original page. Sigh. I'm including the opening notes that each one had on the ficlet page, though.]

the savior dynamic )

my very first 15minfic )

my very first drabble )

preoccupation )

role model )
Just two for now. One of these, I've had done for a while now, and I was just waiting to post it until I had more than one, but, like, I'm impatient and don't really like most of the secrets I've written down, so I'm going to try to come up with some new ones.

another SHU )

another InspCaf )

Interestingly, there's a couple of major characters I really want to do one for, and yet they refuse to tell me any secrets. GEE I WONDER WHY. (*clears throat*) Stupid Virgos.

In contrast, I have another character who keeps offering me things that sound really good in theory, and then I realize that they're not technically secrets, because he's not a great secret keeper and would totally say these things to the person they're intended for, if only they were speaking to each other. Heh.
This shit! Is addictive! A-D-D-I-C-T-I...wait, that doesn't scan. Bother.

Sadly, I do not post these in said community, because I'm a loser like that. You know, how I used to write 15 Minute Ficlets and not link them there? Like that.

SHU (not a new one, the one that was on my journal the other day) )

InspCaf (3...no, not those three...well, one of those three) )

And an old-school buddy of ours for good measure )

Angsty sons of bitches...and bitch.
This was supposed to be a 15 Minute Fic, except for the fact that I wound up misplacing it and finishing it several months later.

FYI, I actually wrote most of this by candlelight during last August's blackout. Heh. That, as you may be able to tell, is when the story takes place.

'And power will be restored slowly...' )
[Moving over everything from the CJB site before Geocities comes down.
This needs an edit SO BADLY...]

A World of Hearts and Flowers

When Lily thought about it after the fact, she realized that she probably could have guessed it wouldn't be a good month when the headquarters exploded. )



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