All written at the same time as this one, but I didn't post them the time, that one (the 2nd I did) was the only one I liked, then I changed my mind and decided I liked the first and last as well, then decided to just post all of them (as long as I was posting 3 out of 4 anyway), then I forgot all about it.

So here are the others.

Sadly, there are no character names in any of them, because apparently I just plain write easier that way.

three's a crowd (C/J/T) )


all the ways that mattered (E/Cish) )


quest for vengeance (B+J -- not B/J, dammit -- S) )
I almost forgot I did this.

AKoMverse, about halfway through...slightly spoilery, but not as much as the stuff I *usually* write in the AKoMverse.

Lily stops going to class, one day. )
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